Company S.r.l. was established in October 2008; just from the beginning, main purpose was to create a comprehensive range of products, with a new and attractive design as well as a state-of-the-art technology.

Italian Design

Manufacturing machinery is constantly uptodated, accurate test controls are performed for both components and final ECRs.

Sale managers are steadily in touch with costumers to listen to their needs and to get aware promptly of the new exigencies of the market.

A great importance is given to ancillary equipment, such as printers, optional displays, cash drawers, etc; the selection of these items is performed very accurately.

Software applications play a quite important role; our specialized team is constantly in contact with distributors, so they can offer their customers a network of tailored  solutions for their specific market sector;’s ECR solutions satisfy the needs of all kinds of customers, from user friendly portable version for street vendors  to sophisticated machinery for extensive department stores.


Every product is thoroughly  designed, prototyped, assembled and tested in Italy, in the company’s premises, ca. 50 km south of Rome, with the technical supervision of EPM SISTEMI S.r.l., a firm belonging to the same group of companies, with a long lasting experience in mould construction for thermoplastic aesthetic items; also a well know firm specialized in electronics boards is part of the group, (EPM ELECTRONICS S.r.l.) so the whole multitasking team can efficiently maintain an high level in customer’s satisfaction.